Load Testing Services

Astro Fire is a competent service provider for the inspection and maintenance of lifeboats and davits. We use water bolsters, water bags, and calibrated load cells for our load testing work. Our trained and qualified engineers carry out load testing in accordance to Class and equipment manufacturers’ requirements.

Water bags are utilized for applications in which a suspended load is preferred or required. We offer an inventory of water bags and load cells up to test loads of 50 ton capacity and lifeboat davit testing up to 20 ton.

Water bags offer safe working conditions and are economical to use. Weighing approximately 2% of their rated capacity, transportation cost is greatly minimized as compared to conventional weights. Its light weight allows ease of handling and control , resulting in minimum downtime for the equipment being tested. As such, we are able to carry out similar load testing of cargo gears and gangway ladders as a complete package for our valued clients.

Load Testing Services: Cranes

  • Deck Crane
  • Gantry Crane
  • Provision Crane
  • Bunker Davits/Hose handling Crane
  • Engine Room Overhead Crane


Load Testing Services: Others

  • Workshop Davit Arms
  • Trolley Beams
  • A Frames
  • Gangway/Accommodation Ladders
  • Personal Transfer Baskets or PTB

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